Cameras keep evolving, getting better and more capable, but they are still useless if not with you. On the plus side very few people don’t have a mobile camera with them all of the time in the form of a mobile phone or other small device in their pocket. These devices continually evolve and the cameras in them are getting better and better, so there is little reason on to take advantage of a great situation.

We were waiting for the shops to open, so I pulled out my mobile phone to make some quick portraits. My subject was happy to comply and gave me several different looks. I decided that the light was good for some highkey portraits since the sky itself was rather bland. Essentially I had a very bright light (the sun) behind my subject and let the sky blow out (got all white) and exposed for the subjects face. This gave a nice soft light which wrapped around her face and minimised the shadows. This technique reduces the contrast in the scene and can result in some fantastic portraits.

These quick portraits are a good example that a mobile phone camera and a few minutes can yield some wonderful results. A photographer just needs to be ready and able to take advantage of the situation.